What’s different about Dovpo Odin 200 Mod?

You will find the Dovpo Odin 200 Mod a bit familiar because it is based on the recent Dovpo Odin DNA250C Mod, which is a design collaboration between Dovpo, Vaperz Cloud and YouTube reviewer Vaping Bogan. Let’s take a closer look at the details of the new version.

So there is an Evolv DNA250C chip in the original Odin DNA mod. These are very popular, but the prices can be a bit high. DNA enthusiasts are usually happy to pay extra for a DNA chip, but it does often make mods beyond what many people can afford.

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In hopes of opening up, the market for the Odin mod-the 200 version has a Dovpo chipset instead of an expensive DNA chip. To help reduce prices, the materials used are different from the CNC machined aluminum body on the DNA version. The Model 200 has a zinc alloy top and bottom plate and a polished CNC aluminum body. Like the original battery, this battery is still designed to use a 2 × 21700 battery.

However, you can also use the dual 20700 or 18650 new vape mods with the included adapter. In terms of power, it will still output up to 200W and has variable power, variable voltage, TCR and temperature-controlled user modes.

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Dovpo Topside SQ And Mono SQ: Your New Dovpo Mods Are Here!

The Dovpo family now has a new Dovpo vape mod. They are the Dovpo Topside SQ Mechanical Squonk Mod and Dovpo Mono SQ Signature DNA75C Box Mod.

As we all know, Dovpo Topside is the world’s first top fill squonker. It is no longer necessary to remove the RDA and use a filled bottle or remove a leaking juice bottle. Just remove the lid and fill it with 10ml. It’s really that simple.

Dovpo Topside SQ Mod is a Mechanical mode between Dovpo, Signature Tips and Brian of Vapor Chronicles. This is a mechanical device suitable for experienced vapers. The body is machined from sturdy aluminum billets and then shot-peened and anodized.

Topside SQ Mod

The side panel is removable to access the battery box and water bottle, and there are 28 magnets on the panel to hold it in place. The water bottle can hold 12.5 ml of e-liquid, allowing you to absorb moisture throughout the day.

Obviously, high-quality and convenient mechanical tail molds are very important, and Dovpo Topside SQ reflects this with its superior quality and easy-to-use design.

Also, let’s take a look about Dovpo Mono SQ Signature DNA75C Box Mod

Dovpo Mono SQ DNA75C is made of aluminum, stylish and ergonomic, making it super comfortable to hold. The exquisite DNA75C chip is powered by a 18650 battery (not included), which uses a 0.97-inch TFT color screen to display all necessary data. The Mono SQ DNA75C has a complete temperature control kit that can power up to 75 watts.

Mono SQ DNA75C

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New Vape Mod Recommend: Dovpo Odin DNA250C Mod And WISMEC AI Mod

If you are looking for a powerful All Vape Box Mods for dual 21700 batteries, then recommend Dovpo Odin DNA250C Box Mod 200W. If you are looking for a unique device that is different from any mod on the market, the Wismec AI 200w TC Box Mod is your best choice.

Dovpo Odin DNA250C Mod is supported by Evolv’s popular DNA250C chipset. This allows it to deliver up to 250w of power. You can also fully customize this device with EScribe software. The advantage of the Odin DNA250C Box Mod is that it requires two 21,700 batteries that consume a lot of power.

Dovpo Odin DNA250C Box Mod 200W

As a result, you not only get the most wattage output, but you also get countless battery life. Not only that, but you can also control the temperature of various wires including Ni200, Ti and SS. Another important function of the Dovpo Odin DNA250C is the actual structure. It is made of aluminum, so it can keep the module on the lighter side, especially when compared to other vape modules that use these larger battery sizes.

Most importantly, it is designed to be comfortably worn in the hand and to easily mount larger nebulizers. Finally, powered by the DNA250C board as expected, it has a number of security features.

WISMEC AI Mod 200W is definitely one of the more unique vape mods released in the past year because the device is compatible with Amazon Alexa applications. And it has Bluetooth and even speakers. These two features not only enable voice control but also listen to music and navigation.

Wismec AI 200w Mod

Wismec AI Alexa TC Box Mod requires two high-power 18650 batteries and can output any power between 5W and 200w. Its maximum voltage output is 8v and the minimum ignition resistance is 0.05 ohm.

In addition, this Wismec vape mod has a variety of output modes, including temperature control of Ni200, Ti and SS lines. On the front side, Wismec AI has a 0.91″ large OLED display that displays all your vaping information.

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Dovpo Peaks Kit Review: Looks Like The Vaporesso Aurora Play

The Dovpo Peaks Kit is a more lightweight, lightweight design pod starter kit recently released by the Dovpo brand. When it comes to lighter shapes, it’s worth mentioning the Vaporesso Aurora Play Pod Kit. In the case of the same concept of shape design, what is the difference between them? Let us find it!

This Dovpo Peaks is actually a pod starter kit instead of a pod system kit because the coils are replaceable, unlike the Vaporesso Aurora Play Kit. The shape design was inspired by the Zippo lighter. Some might call it a copy or clone of Aurora Play. It is difficult to explain whether it is true or not. In fact, now you have an extra option if you like this design!

Dovpo Peaks Kit review

The outer casing is made of a zinc alloy material, so the surface is smooth and lightweight. On the side of the unit, you have a start button to activate the Dovpo device and operate, and the indicator will alert you to the battery status by flashing a different color. By the way, the C-type charging port at the bottom will also provide you with more convenience. The pod is made of PCTG material so you can clearly see the level of juice inside it because of its transparent function. The top-fill design can also be easily refilled when needed, but you need to unscrew the port cover first.

Two replacement coils are included in the Dovpo Peaks package. 0.8-ohm mesh coil for DL ​​atomization, 1.4-ohm ceramic coil for MTL atomization.

Aurora Play Kit
What is the difference between Dovpo Peaks and Vaporesso Aurora Play Kit?

1. Size:
The Vaporesso Aurora Play Kit measures 78.8 x 43.7 x 15.5 mm and the Dovpo Peaks is 39.0 x 89.8 x 18.4 mm. So the Dovpo Peaks Pod kit is more portable and compact.

2. The Pod
The pod of the Aurora Playback Kit is not removable, so you cannot replace the internal coil. As for the Dovpo Peaks pod, you can install two coils to your liking.

3. Output
The output range of these two kits is different. The maximum output of Vaporesso Aurora Play is 20w, while Dovpo Peaks is 15w. Then the actual output depends on the coil you are using.

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