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Do You Want SMOK RPM C Pod Kit

There is such a very advanced multifunctional vape device that has a powerful 1650mAh battery and a maximum output of 50W. This small and portable pod kit is the smok rpm c pod kit. It’s perfect for vapers who are always on the go but still want a high-quality vaping experience.

This pod vape kit features a large, vibrant 0.96-inch color screen. This screen will display all the important information you need including battery life, power output, number of puffs and more. The screen is made of high-quality materials, making it easy to read and navigate, even in bright sunlight.

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The adjustable airflow system lets you customize your vaping experience to your liking, whether you prefer a tight draw, mouth-to-lung vaping style, or a looser draw that draws directly into your lungs.

In addition to its versatile pod and coil, the RPM C Pod Kit has a host of safety features that make it a reliable and safe device to use, keeping you safe. This pod kit is sure to become your favorite.

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pod kit pod vape kit vape

How About SMOK Novo 2C Pod Kit

As a lightweight and stylish pod kit, the smok novo 2c pod kit is absolutely excellent in all aspects. It has an 800mAh battery capable of delivering up to 16 watts of power, giving you a satisfying vaping experience.

The pod system of this pod kit is refillable and can hold up to 2ml of e-liquid. The pods are easily refilled and can be quickly and easily replaced when needed. You can easily switch between different flavours or nicotine strengths according to your preference.

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Short-circuit protection, low-voltage protection, and over-charge protection features help ensure that the device is safe for use. You simply inhale into the mouthpiece to activate it, no buttons or complicated settings are required. If you are new to e-cigarettes, you can use them with peace of mind.

If you are looking for a compact, portable and easy-to-use vape, then try the smok novo 2c pod kit and it will definitely satisfy you.

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Classic Orion Design: LVE Orion 2 Kit

LVE is a renowned vaping brand that has been producing quality vaping devices for several years. The brand is known for its innovative designs and superior technology, making it a popular choice among vapers. The LVE Orion 2 Pod Kit 1500mAh 40W is one of the brand’s latest offerings, and it is sure to impress vapers with its performance and sleek design.

The LVE Orion 2 Pod Kit is a compact and stylish vaping device that is perfect for vapers who prefer a discreet and portable design. The device is available in several attractive colors, including black, silver, and blue. The kit includes a 2ml refillable pod, a micro USB charging cable, and two coils. The device has a simple and intuitive design, with a single button for firing and adjusting the wattage. The OLED display is easy to read and displays all the essential information, including battery life, wattage, and coil resistance.

LVE Orion 2 is a high-performance vaping device that is designed to provide vapers with a smooth and satisfying experience. The device is powered by a 1500mAh battery that can deliver up to 40 watts of power, making it ideal for both MTL and DTL vaping. The kit includes two coils, a 0.3ohm mesh coil, and a 0.8ohm mesh coil, allowing vapers to choose between different resistance levels based on their preference. The refillable pod has a 2ml capacity and can be easily filled from the side, making it convenient and mess-free. The device also features adjustable airflow, allowing vapers to customize their vaping experience based on their preference.

LVE Orion 2 Pod Kit 1500mAh 40W

Dimensions: 93mm x 37mm x 13.5mm
Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
Pod Capacity: 2ml
Output Wattage: 5W – 40W
Coil Resistance: 0.3ohm Mesh Coil, 0.8ohm Mesh Coil
Charging Type: Micro USB
Material: Zinc Alloy

Sleek and compact design
1500mAh battery with up to 40 watts of power
Refillable 2ml pod with adjustable airflow
Two mesh coils included for different resistance levels
Easy-to-read OLED display
Single-button firing and wattage adjustment
Available in black, silver, and blue

In conclusion, the LVE Orion 2 Pod Kit 1500mAh 40W is an excellent vaping device that combines style and performance. The device is easy to use and provides vapers with a smooth and satisfying experience. The adjustable airflow and two mesh coils included in the kit allow vapers to customize their vaping experience based on their preference. The device is also compact and portable, making it ideal for vapers who are always on the go. Overall, if you are looking for a high-quality vaping device that delivers excellent performance and style, then the LVE Orion 2 Pod Kit 1500mAh 40W is definitely worth considering.

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Lost vape pod vape kit

Rock Solid Flavor&Touch: Lost Vape Ursa Baby Pro 900mAh

Today I want to recommend a very small pod kit, especially popular with girls. Nowadays, with the popularity of e-cigarettes, more and more people join the ranks of vapers, and the proportion of women is also increasing year by year. However, among the e-cigarettes currently available on the market, there are still many large devices with a more masculine style. So, not very friendly for many female vapers.

Lost Vape has designed such a vaping device that is very suitable for women. URSA Baby Pro is just like its name, the size of a baby kit, very mini and delicate. When you hold it in your hand, you can’t put it down because it’s so cute, it’s hard not to like it. And after you have URSA Baby Pro, you will find that it is more suitable for taking out than any product you have ever bought.

Lost Vape URSA Baby Pro 25W is mainly made of metal and has nine colors: navy blue, emerald green, pearl white, gunmetal espresso, frost blue, golden knight, classic black, sakura pink and silver luster. Of course, you don’t need to tangle at all, Because each color with a metallic feel is very stunning. Built-in 900mAh battery, can output up to 25W of power, there is no better vape kit than URSA Baby Pro!

buy Lost Vape Ursa Baby Pro Pod Kit

Size: 71.6mm46.5mm15.2mm
Battery: 900mAh
Pod Capacity: 2.5mL
Wattage Range: 5-25W
Resistance: 0.5-2.0ohm
Filling: Side Filling System
Coil: UB Mini Coils
Connection: Magnetic
Material: Zinc-Alloy
Charging: Type-C Port

Supports Up To Max 25W
MTL&RL Airflow Range
Upgraded URSA Cartridge
Rock Solid Zinc Alloy
Sleek&Modern Appearance
Salt&Freebase Compatible

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Ultimate Performance: Rincoe Jellybox Nano 2 26W

This long awaited best pod vape kit by many vapers is finally here! Many people may have seen some bloggers’ evaluation pictures on instagram or facebook. We all know that many products are not as amazing as they look on the posters in actual use. But on the contrary, this Jellybox Nano 2 is more beautiful than what you see in the pictures. When you receive the product, you will be amazed by its super high value.

It’s now available at vapesourcing, at a super cheap price. What is the magic of Jellybox Nano 2 that makes so many people rush to buy it? From the appearance point of view, the whole device has a crystal-like texture, with a variety of light effects, whether it is in the sun or in the dark night, it will make you the most eye-catching one in the crowd. Jellybox Nano 2 Kit is composed of various elements, and these wonderful elements finally form a special but extremely harmonious combination.

Rincoe Jellybox Nano 2 900mAh is designed to let every vaper fully experience the fun of electronic cigarettes. The built-in 900mAh battery can output up to 26W of power. Under the compact size, there are rich flavors and powerful and diverse functions. Customers who have already used it are impressed by the excellent vape experience it brings. Thanks to its automatic output and airflow adjustment, vape is no longer monotonous and full of infinite possibilities. Everything is waiting for you to explore .

Rincoe Jellybox Nano 2 near me

Dimensions: 71.95319mm
Battery: Built-in 900mAh
Max Output: 26W
Vape Liquid Capacity: 2.8ml
Input Voltage: 3.2V-4.2V
Coil Resistance: 0.3-3Ω
Material: PCTG+PC
Airflow: Adjustable Airflow
Charging Current: 5V/1A Type-C

Compatible with Jellybox Nano Pod Cartridge
Easy Refilling System
Max 26W Output
Multiple Light Effects
Auto Airflow Adjustment
Lightweight And Portable Size
Built-in 900mAh Battery

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pod vape kit

Born For Future: Vaptex Mechax Kit 400mAh

It’s time to get to know some lesser known pod vape kits that you don’t know much about yet. Come and check out the new arrivals from Vaptex Mechax, a brand little known. But starting from 2022, it will gradually appear in the public eye. You may not be able to buy this product in many websites and offline stores, but now, you can buy it from vapesourcing at a super low price, and at the same time get comprehensive service and super fast logistics.

Vape stores provides a great and safe platform for all vapers who love vaping devices, where you can choose your favorite and suitable devices. The weight of Vaptex Mechax is only 33g, and the tube body is long and cylindrical, which is very easy to hold. There are three colors of royal blue, mecha orange and shadow black to choose from. It doesn’t look very stunning, but there are actually a lot of design details waiting for you to discover.

The pod capacity of Vaptex Mechax is 2ml, and it is equipped with a 1.0ohm mesh coil inside. The Pod cartridge is magnetically connected, so it is very convenient to install and replace, and it is filled with e-liquid from the side without the risk of liquid leakage. The device uses a translucent material, so you can clearly see the working conditions of the vape juice and accessories inside. All in all, after using it for real, you will fall in love with the MTL Vaping feeling that Vaptex Mechax Pod Kit brings to you.

Vaptex Mechax 400mAh

Battery: Built-in 400mAh
E-Juice Capacity: 2ml
Coils: 1.0ohm
Airflow: Adjustable
Refilling: Side Filling
Support For: MTL
Charging: Type-C

Airflow Adjustable
Magnetic Connection
Fully Charged in Less Than 1 Hour
Type-C Charging
1.0ohm Mesh Coil
Leak-resistant Side Filling Design
2ml Vape Juice Capacity
Innovative Photo Etching Mesh Technology(PEMT)
400mAh Internal Battery
MTL Vaping

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Crystal Crush: VOOPOO Doric Q Kit

Brand new VOOPOO is now coming! I can say for sure that this new product from VOOPOO will not disappoint, and it will end the year with the best works. Different from the design of any previous series, this is a brand-new attempt. You will hardly see the shadow of previous products in this new product. It is like a reborn, which is very surprising. At present, most platforms have been launched one after another, and you can buy this vaping device soon.

Buying vape online is the first batch of online stores to release new product information after VOOPOO, so you can learn detailed information here. Doric Q is the name of the product. From the appearance, it is visually comfortable, but at the same time you will feel amazing. The color is not a dark tone that makes people feel depressed, but a variety of bright solid color designs. Only vertical stripes are added to the surface of the device, which will give you the most comfortable feel when holding the device in your hand.

VOOPOO Doric Q has a crystal-clear appearance, and the overall use of PC materials has both wear resistance and aesthetics. Built-in 800mAh battery, charged via USB-C, the whole charging process is very fast. When the vape juice is used up, it can be filled from the side without leakage. In addition, you will find that there is no button or screen in the whole body, which is completely easy to use for beginners of electronic cigarettes. There are powerful functions under the cute appearance of Doric Q, and you will feel the strong impact it brings to you during use.

VOOPOO Doric Q California

Dimensions: 95.6*23.2mm
Battery: 800mAh
Pod Capacity: 2mL
Resistance: 0.6-3.0ohm
Voltage Range: 3.2-4.2V
Material: PC
Operation: Draw-Activated
Charging: Type-C Port
Fill System: Side Filling System

Visible 2ml Capacity
Easy To Fill
Overtime Protection
Intelligent Power Matching
Type-C Fast Charging
Auto-Draw Activation
Low Battery Protection
ITO Anti-Leakage Structure
Long Lifespan Cartridge

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Eleaf pod vape kit

Find Greatness In Lightness: Eleaf IORE LITE 2 Vape

This is a long-lost reunion, and we finally see Eleaf small electronic cigarette again. If you have been smoking for at least two years, then you must have heard the name of IORE LITE. This is Eleaf’s most popular small pod kit, and it gained a lot of fans when it was released. This time, the upgraded version of IORE LITE has returned to the public’s field of vision after many years, and we will meet you with the upgraded version of the second generation.

The style of this pod vape kit is very small and fresh, bringing warmth to the cold winter. In terms of body shape, it is not very different from the first generation, but the color matching is more in line with the aesthetics of the past two years. The five colors are Greenery, Pink, Black, Whiteh and Blue. You will find it difficult to choose when you see it, because they are all so beautiful. In fact, the real thing is a hundred times more attractive than the picture, and I really want to directly all in full color.

The size of Eleaf IORE LITE 2 is so small that you won’t feel it if you hold five in your hand. For those who like to travel light, it is a perfect vaping companion. The 2ml e-juice capacity and the 490mAh built-in battery are enough to ensure a certain duration of use. Each pod cartridge has a 1.0ohm mesh coil, which can output up to 12W for you. IORE LITE 2 will make your vaping process simple and fulfilling, and bring you back the most essential and pure taste.

Eleaf IORE LITE 2 California

Size: 2514103mm
Battery: 490mAh
Output Wattage: 12W
Pod Capacity: 2ml
Coil: 1.0ohm mesh Coil
Filling Type: Side Filling System
Charging: USB Type-C

Indicator Light Function
Super Light And Portable
Economical Refillable Pod
490mAh Internal Battery
Five Bright Colors
Simply Plug N Play
Pure And Consistent Flavor

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Lost vape pod vape kit

Bring Your Creativity To Life: Lost Vape Ursa Nano Art Vape

Vapes shop online can provide you with everything you want to know about electronic cigarettes. Here you can not only learn about the detailed parameters of a product, including performance, introduction, box content, but also discuss usage experience with other buyers online. At the same time, the lively comment area will also provide you with a lot of reference information for your purchase. These are very real buyers’ purchasing experience, and I believe it will be of great help to you in choosing a suitable e-cigarette device for you.

Currently Lost Vape has a well-received pod kit, URSA Nano Art. Just by looking at its shape, you can think why it is called this name. Compared with a simple vaping device, URSA Nano Art is more like a work of art worthy of collection. Its shell is printed with dizzying geometric lines and grid patterns, and magically, in this intricate chaos, a wonderful harmony is formed. Under different light and angles, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that it presents a very diverse appearance in front of you.

In order to keep the equipment simple, Lost Vape Ursa Nano Art does not use a button to help power on, which means that you can directly inhale and use it. The cartridge part and the color of the device form a perfect match, and the ergonomic design will make you feel extremely relaxed and comfortable when using it. The 0.8ohm and 1.2ohm coils will bring you a large amount of steam while ensuring the purity of the taste to the greatest extent, allowing you to enjoy your own vaping without distraction.

Lost Vape Ursa Nano Art cost

Battery Capacity: 800mAh
Pod: URSA Nano
Pod Capacity: 2.5mL
Coil: UB Coil Series
Resistance Range: 0.8-1.0ohm
Operation: Draw-Activated
Charging: Type-C

Auto-Draw Activated
Type-C Fast Charging
Plastic & Silicone Body
Smart Pod Detection
Leakproof Design
Compatible with URSA Cartridges

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pod vape kit SMOK

More Than Charisma: SMOK Prisma Pod Kit

If you have not purchased SMOK products, then you must not be a very qualified vaper. SMOK is a brand that occupies the hot topic all the year round, no matter whether it is an offline store, a popular website, or a major social platform. Also because of the popularity of the brand, every time SMOK launches a product, from preview to official release, it will receive a high degree of attention. Of course, to some extent, this has also helped SMOK to continuously improve its products and bring you a better experience.

The new product this time is a pod vape kit, which uses the classic zinc alloy material that appears most frequently in SMOK smoking sets. This material not only has a very light weight, but also can prevent certain falls and beatings, maximizing the use time of your equipment. My favorite part is the pattern on the lower body of the device. Although these kits are all solid colors without patterns or prints, these special small designs will make people feel more attentive.

SMOK Prisma Vape also uses different colors of metal in the center control part to distinguish each device, and you can choose the most suitable match for you. This pod system kit with a maximum output power of 22W is enough for you to use in short trips and daily life. It is worth mentioning that SMOK Prisma is fully compatible with NOVO 2X Pod, Novo 2 Pod and Novo Pod. If you have extra pods of these types at home, you can use them for SMOK Prisma. This is what SMOK brings to you Come exclusive benefits.

SMOK Prisma hot sale

Size: 24.515.0107mm
Battery Capacity: 800mAh
E-Juice Capacity: 2mL
Wattage Output: 22W
Fill System: Top Filling
Charging: Type-C Port
Chassis Material: Zinc-Alloy
Pod Material: PCTG

Built-in 800mAh Battery
Leak Proof Design
Visible Window For Better Viewing
Max 22W Of Power
Draw-Activated And Button-Triggered

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