Do You Think The Uwell Yearn Will Beat Uwell Caliburn?

The Uwell Yearn is a new enclosed pod kit from Uwell, and Uwell brings us some great products like Amulet Pod Watch, Crown 4 Kit and Valyrian Sub Ohm. The Yearn pod is the first kit with a pre-filled juice box. You can choose from four flavors: vanilla tobacco, ice mint, mango, and Fuji apple. But these pods are sold separately. With smooth lines and a simple classic look, Uwell Yearn offers comfort. It has a pull activation mechanism and is easy to operate.

Uwell Yearn review

How to use Uwell Yearn?
1. POD system activation
Insert the pod into the fuselage and press it firmly to ensure that the pod is activated

When the vape is opened, the LED will remain on. When the button is held for more than 8 seconds, the device will automatically stop transmitting, and then the LED will flash green 5 times.

3. Charge the pod
Remove the used vape pod from the unit, insert the new pod into the fuselage, and press it firmly to ensure that the pod is activated.

4. LED indicator
The color of the LED during fogging can indicate the remaining capacity of the battery: when the capacity exceeds 60%, the color of the LED is green. When it is within 30%-60%, the color of the LED is blue, and when it is lower than 30%, the color of the LED is red. When the LED indicator flashes red 10 times, it indicates that the battery is low and stops outputting.

Uwell Yearn vs Uwell Caliburn

Uwell Caliburn has attracted a lot of people with a very high-quality design. It is just over four inches high and comes with a pod. For reference, it makes it only one inch higher than Juul, and its power and functionality features certainly make up for this difference.

Uwell Caliburn review

Caliburn’s advanced nebulizer pods offer many benefits for the taste and volume of its steam, and its packaged battery provides enough power for one day. Your experience may vary, as battery life depends a lot on your video frequency. The aluminum construction is ideal for the durability of the unit, but its overall aesthetic is also important. It looks great and it’s cool to touch. The ridges on the side of the unit make it look mechanical and of high quality, and also provide some extra grip.

Now you can purchase Uwell Yearn and Uwell Caliburn at online vape shop

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