Power Of Tiny Beast: Oxbar RRD Disposable

As Christmas and New Year approach, many best vapes sale have launched a series of exciting activities. Of course, many brands are seizing the last time of 2022 to release new products. Brands like SMOK, Vaporesso, Lost Vape, Eleaf, VOOPOO, etc. have recently launched many great new vape kits. Interested vapers can learn about the latest product information on relevant platforms. What I want to introduce today is also a recently released vaping device.

This is a disposable vape pen from Oxbar, very small size. The most special feature is that the upper third of the product is transparent, so you can clearly see the internal structure. Below is a very textured metal body, with a variety of very high-definition colors. It is full of modernist style, and at the same time, you can clearly see the use of e-liquid. For many people, I believe it will give a sense of security.

Oxbar RRD Vape is not only rechargeable, but also refillable, which surpasses 90% of the disposable vapes currently on the market. This means that you can extend the time of use and the number of puffs indefinitely. After losing a lot of restrictions, it will make your entire vape process more personalized and free. Compact design, sensitive puffing mode, all parameters are the most perfect match, you will not find a better product than Oxbar RRD disposable vape.

Oxbar RRD disposable hot sale

Size: 3413.576.5
Puffs: 10000
Weight: 33g
Battery: 550mAh
E-Juice Capacity: 20mL
Charging: USB-C

Easy and quick recharging
Sensitive auto draw and smooth hits
Up to 10000 hits
Fantastic flavor delivery
Simple neutral body design

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