Dovpo Topside SQ And Mono SQ: Your New Dovpo Mods Are Here!

The Dovpo family now has a new Dovpo vape mod. They are the Dovpo Topside SQ Mechanical Squonk Mod and Dovpo Mono SQ Signature DNA75C Box Mod.

As we all know, Dovpo Topside is the world’s first top fill squonker. It is no longer necessary to remove the RDA and use a filled bottle or remove a leaking juice bottle. Just remove the lid and fill it with 10ml. It’s really that simple.

Dovpo Topside SQ Mod is a Mechanical mode between Dovpo, Signature Tips and Brian of Vapor Chronicles. This is a mechanical device suitable for experienced vapers. The body is machined from sturdy aluminum billets and then shot-peened and anodized.

Topside SQ Mod

The side panel is removable to access the battery box and water bottle, and there are 28 magnets on the panel to hold it in place. The water bottle can hold 12.5 ml of e-liquid, allowing you to absorb moisture throughout the day.

Obviously, high-quality and convenient mechanical tail molds are very important, and Dovpo Topside SQ reflects this with its superior quality and easy-to-use design.

Also, let’s take a look about Dovpo Mono SQ Signature DNA75C Box Mod

Dovpo Mono SQ DNA75C is made of aluminum, stylish and ergonomic, making it super comfortable to hold. The exquisite DNA75C chip is powered by a 18650 battery (not included), which uses a 0.97-inch TFT color screen to display all necessary data. The Mono SQ DNA75C has a complete temperature control kit that can power up to 75 watts.

Mono SQ DNA75C

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