Geekvape Kits Review-Geekvape LUCID And GeekVape Flint MTL

Geekvape products are always very famous and popular, so today let’s going to see two their kits-Geekvape LUCID Kit and GeekVape Flint MTL Kit.

>>Geekvape LUCID Kit 80W with LUMI Mesh Tank

When you first saw the lucid geekvape mod, you may have thought it was a beginner’s device. Maybe it’s a two-tone design in orange and gray, or a small size and feels. But whatever it looks like, the GeekVape has a compact 80-watt module with a lot of power and function that runs on just one 18650 battery. Let’s dive in.

cheap lucid geekvape

The Lucid chassis is made of a durable but lightweight zinc alloy material, despite the use of two-color, contrasting color schemes and small frame sizes. This gives it a confident, heavy feel in the palm, but still light enough to comfortably fit in the pocket without worrying. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the GeekVape Lucid suite is the tank/nebulizer setup in the box – a disposable, mid-wattage product with the Lumi name.

>>GeekVape Flint MTL Kit 950mAh with Flint Tank

Oral-to-lung (MTL) atomization resuscitation officially launched in full swing. This is not a fashion. This is not a trend. The industry is in full swing, returning from “campaigns” and putting them in front of the quitters whose products they belong to. Perhaps this is the reason behind the new GeekVape flint starter kit name.

GeekVape Flint MTL Kit

Described as the “ultimate vape pen suite”, the Flint laser focuses on the use of nic saline and MTL vaping. The compact 22mm diameter device is simple in design, equipped with a 950mAh integrated battery and a single button operation to control three different voltage outputs.

The name of the game using the GeekVape Flint vape kits is simple and portable. The tiny device is 94mm high, attached to a water tank and features a very reserved palette, meaning it is ideal for vaping, which is invisible and inconspicuous.

In addition, with its long-lasting coils and rugged flavor, it’s easy to overlook medium battery life and slightly limited capacity. Overall, Flint may not be our favorite MTL vape, but it’s a powerful case study for people looking for something more important than a disposable pod.

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