What’s the advantage of FreeMax GEMM 25W?

The Freemax GEMM 25W is a relatively compact, ultra-lightweight vape that sits between the starter kit and the pod system. The module houses a 1300 mAh battery and chipset, allowing you to choose between three levels of power output. The modified package weighs about 50 grams and the full kit weighs 66 grams. For vape, lightweight is usually a good thing, but because of its lightweight and small form factor, GEMM feels cheap. The first impression out of the box is that it feels like a plastic toy, and the color doesn’t help.

The package includes two disposable vapes FreeMax GEMM Pod, one of which is used for DL ​​and the other for MTL vaping, according to Freemax. The disposable tank in the kit is also plastic and lightweight, but it seems to work well for single use. The airflow control ring is smooth and gripping, the silicon plug is easy to use, and the non-replaceable dripper is comfortable-although it may block it when it is full.

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FreeMax GEMM 25W advantages:

*Super lightweight
*very compact
*Easy to operate
*0.5-ohm storage tank/pod has excellent flavor
*Long coil life
*Efficient use of batteries
*Fixed clicky button
*The tank is well constructed (for one-time use)
*Has pass-through charging

Three tanks at a time sound good but keep in mind that the tank can hold 2 ml of juice. But 6 ml is not bad at all, and GEMM seems to be very effective with batteries.

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This e cig kit takes more than an hour to fully charge. It could have been faster, but for Freemax, it was actually a step in the right direction-Twister and the original GEMM were surprisingly slow to charge. It also supports pass-through, so you can evaporate while plugging in.

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