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Gas Mods GR1 S RDA And Gas Mods Kree RTA Features

Today, take a look at the two Vape Tanks of Gas Mods. They are Gas Mods GR1 GR1 S RDA and Gas Mods Kree RTA. If you are looking for nebulizers under $ 30, then highly recommend you to check them out!

Features of Gas Mods G.R.1 GR1 S RDA 22mm:

The Gas Mods GR1 S RDA is a compact, bottom-feed reconfigurable drip irrigation atomizer with a single-coil platform and an adjustable, replaceable airflow system that is ready to use. The GR1 RDA includes two different pore size accessories for you to choose from 2mm x 2mm or 2mm x 5mm. Stomata produce the best flavor at 45 degrees.

Gas Mods GR1 S RDA Review

22mm in diameter
Double post-construction deck
Single coil configuration
Two different airflows: 2mm x 2mm and 2mm x 5mm
Recommended airflow angle: 45 degrees
Including POM dripper
With bottom feed pin

Features of Gas Mods Kree RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer 3.5ml:

Gas Mods Kree RTA is made of stainless steel and glass with a diameter of 22mm. The RTA (2.5 mm internal airflow) comes with an easy-to-build dual-terminal build platform and a 3.5 ml electronic juice volume tube. In addition, RTA comes with 5 airflow inserts and 510 adapter. Kree RTA supports adjustable intermediate airflow control.

Gas Mods Kree RTA Review

Height: 40mm
Diameter: 22mm
Interchangeable inclined air nozzle
Double terminal construction deck
Easy to build
Adjustable intermediate airflow
5 Airflow plug-in ID: 2.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.0mm, 0.8mm

I hope this review may help you to buy vape online, and get a new vaping by two Gas Mods tanks.

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