New Sub Ohm Tank Release: Innokin Zlide Tank 4ml and Innokin Ajax Tank 5ml

Today, let’s take a look at vapesourcing buy vape online two new sub ohm tanks, they are all coming from the Innokin, the Innokin Zlide Tank 4ml, and Innokin Ajax Tank 5ml.

Innokin Zlide Tank 4ml

Innokin Zlide Tank 4ml is a collaboration between Phil Busardo, Dimitris Agrafiotis, and Innokin. It has a 4 ml electronic juice capacity. Compatible with Innokin Zenith series coils. It uses Z-Plex3D Kanthal 3D grid coils to produce a block cloud with the best flavor.

Innokin Zlide Tank 4ml Review

Another 1.6-ohm Kanthal coil is used to provide a lower vape at lower wattages. It has a top cover design that is easy to slide and fills without filling the coil. The top cover also has a child-resistant design. It is detachable and easy to clean. Available in stainless steel, blue and black.

Innokin Ajax Tank 5ml

Innokin Ajax Tank 5ml is a compact, classic design that is perfect for the MVP5’s rugged frame. In addition, Ajax tanks have the same elasticity of appearance. These extraordinary vape tanks use only quality materials and represent several hours of work and world-class standard operating procedures for world-class engineering.

Innokin Ajax Tank 5ml Review

The result is an elaborate Innokin tank that can withstand various forms of steam pressure. In addition, enthusiasts will enjoy the power of Innokin Ajax Tank. With hardened borosilicate glass, this premium material does not interfere with your taste choices, giving you consistent stretch quality.

So do you like the two new sub ohm tanks? You will choose Innokin Zlide Tank 4ml or Innokin Ajax Tank 5ml?

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