Naked 100

What’s The Feeling Of Naked 100 Berry Lush E-juice and Smok Nord 2?

Do you know the Naked 100 Berry Lush E-juice, one of the most popular fruit-flavored juices in the vaping industry?

Naked 100’s Berry Lush E juice is one of the most popular fruit-flavored juices in the entire vaping industry. Taste a delicious feast of pineapple and summer strawberries mixed in whipped cream! Bring your clouds to endless with this delicious fruit cream dream!

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Naked 100 E-juice is carefully crafted with sweet flavors, providing pure, bare flavor and 100% satisfaction. In creating Berry Lush, they sought to develop an e-liquid that was as close as possible to real cream-covered fruit.

Soft hands pick plump, sweet summer strawberries, sparkling in the morning dew, and ready to delight your taste buds. Peel and slice the exotic pineapple to preserve every strong island flavor!

Stopper a bottle today to fill your Nord 2 SMOK with a delicious cloud of sweet and creamy fruits!