Rincoe Mechman And SMOK Species-Almost The Same Output Power!

Today I want to show you two high power output vape mod kits-Rincoe Mechman and SMOK Species Kit. Rincoe Mechman has a max output power to 228w and the SMOK Species Kit is 230w. Before we get into all of this, let’s get into the details.

Firstly, let’s see the Rincoe Mechman

Rincoe Mechman is a regulated dual 18650 device with a reticulated coil tank. Despite the name, the kit is a fully tuned device with the latest chipset released by Rincoe.

The mod is a dual 18650 device with a battery belt and a magnetic battery door plate. Up to 228w.The device has a front-end design, a variety of options (shown below), and more options in the future. The panel can be replaced by removing the screws from the front panel and replacing the design below.

Rincoe Mechman review

The Mechman tank is a 4.5ml capacity tank with replaceable 810-drop tip and bottom adjustable air flow. The top filler is a sliding mechanism that shows a kidney-shaped filling hole. The top is represented by a small white arrow. The container is equipped with two coils, of which the 25ohm single network is recommended for 45-65w and the 0.2ohm dual network is recommended for up to 80w.

Also, let’s see another big power output vape starter kit-SMOK Species Kit

SMOK Species Kit is a second-generation “Alien” device from a well-known manufacturer. The dual 18650 battery provides a 235W output, while a clear, responsive touchscreen makes your vape setup easier than ever. Also provides a variety of protection, such as short circuit, over – discharge and 10 – second cut-off to ensure your safety.

SMOK Species Kit review

The species is able to accommodate up to 30mm diameter e-cigarette POTS, making the e-cigarette suitable for a variety of tanks, RDA and RTA, and upgradable software that allows the vapers to keep up with the latest atomization technologies.

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