Safer And Smarter Vape Kits Will Lead The Future of Vaping

We know the vaping has changed the face of smoking forever. Today, it is considered a healthier and safer alternative to cigarettes. Any innovation in the best vapes world was limited to variety in colors, accessories and juice flavors. But now the vaping fraternity is brimming with discoveries.

What’re the things will lead the Vaping Industry?

1. Child Safety and Biometric Lock:

The accessibility of e-cigs vis-a-vis safety was an overlooked aspect previously. Now e-cig manufacturers are considering the implementation of child lock features and a biometric fingerprint scan to ensure child safety.

Recommend the SnowWolf MFENG Baby Vape Kit

Snowwolf Mfeng Baby Kit use a lockable setting to prevent children from using it or firing it accidentally.

Snowwolf Mfeng Baby review
2. Smart Vapes:

In the near future, you might be able to pair your vape device with your phone and start taking calls or listening to your favorite music via your e-cig. Also, you might use a mobile application to locate your vape if it is lost.

3. Waterproof Vapes:

Waterproof e-cigs are all set to be another vaping industry sensation in the coming years. Who knows, this could very well upgrade to tamper-proof and break-free ones?

Recommend the Wismec Active Kit 80W With Bluetooth Music

Wismec Active Kit can serve as an e-cig and a speaker because of the innovative Bluetooth technology. Also supports shockproof and waterproof. The Wismec Active kit is ideal for outdoorsy vapers who enjoy listening to music.

active wismec

4. Quick Delivery of E-Juices :

Another issue that irks dedicated vapers is the constant need to order e-juices. Manufacturers have come up with wi-fi enabled devices that automatically re-order e-juices.

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