Dovpo Peaks Kit Review: Looks Like The Vaporesso Aurora Play

The Dovpo Peaks Kit is a more lightweight, lightweight design pod starter kit recently released by the Dovpo brand. When it comes to lighter shapes, it’s worth mentioning the Vaporesso Aurora Play Pod Kit. In the case of the same concept of shape design, what is the difference between them? Let us find it!

This Dovpo Peaks is actually a pod starter kit instead of a pod system kit because the coils are replaceable, unlike the Vaporesso Aurora Play Kit. The shape design was inspired by the Zippo lighter. Some might call it a copy or clone of Aurora Play. It is difficult to explain whether it is true or not. In fact, now you have an extra option if you like this design!

Dovpo Peaks Kit review

The outer casing is made of a zinc alloy material, so the surface is smooth and lightweight. On the side of the unit, you have a start button to activate the Dovpo device and operate, and the indicator will alert you to the battery status by flashing a different color. By the way, the C-type charging port at the bottom will also provide you with more convenience. The pod is made of PCTG material so you can clearly see the level of juice inside it because of its transparent function. The top-fill design can also be easily refilled when needed, but you need to unscrew the port cover first.

Two replacement coils are included in the Dovpo Peaks package. 0.8-ohm mesh coil for DL ​​atomization, 1.4-ohm ceramic coil for MTL atomization.

Aurora Play Kit
What is the difference between Dovpo Peaks and Vaporesso Aurora Play Kit?

1. Size:
The Vaporesso Aurora Play Kit measures 78.8 x 43.7 x 15.5 mm and the Dovpo Peaks is 39.0 x 89.8 x 18.4 mm. So the Dovpo Peaks Pod kit is more portable and compact.

2. The Pod
The pod of the Aurora Playback Kit is not removable, so you cannot replace the internal coil. As for the Dovpo Peaks pod, you can install two coils to your liking.

3. Output
The output range of these two kits is different. The maximum output of Vaporesso Aurora Play is 20w, while Dovpo Peaks is 15w. Then the actual output depends on the coil you are using.

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Unique Designs: Vaporesso Aurora Play And Suorin Air Plus

With the rapid development of best pod vape, many products are accompanied by novel designs. Today I want to introduce you to two stylish pod system kits, Vaporesso Aurora Play with a lighter design and Suorin Air Plus like a card. Which unique design will hit you?

The Vaporesso Aurora Play Kit is the second pod kits from vaporesso. It has a brand new design shape like the Zippo lighter. Let’s have a look at it.

Due to its unique design, it really likes a zippo, which is the preference of most smokers. The size of the kit is 80 * 46.5 * 16.7mm, which is a regular size lighter. For the pod kit, its size is not very good. For additional features, you’ll get a fill of the lighting because it has a similar sound when you open the top cover. The body of the kit is made of zinc alloy.

Aurora Play

Thanks to its advanced technology, the kit is of high quality both in terms of touch and vision. On the side, we can get buttons, LEDs, and USB charging ports. During the atomization process, the indicator lights up to display the battery power in three colors. We can use the button to turn on/off and adjust the output level. When the battery is down to medium level, it only supports 10W output power because the chipset does not support boost.

The Suorin Air Plus Pod System is the latest portable masterpiece of the Suorin Air collection. Unique card style and exceptionally ergonomic design. Suorin AirPlus upgraded the 930mAh battery and 3.2ml refillable E-liquid capacity. The AirPlus Pod system features a baffle design with a 0.7-ohm coil and a 0.8-ohm coil, with the best flavor of nicotine salt and high nicotine conventional E-liquid.

Suorin Air Plus

The coil resistance ranges from 0.7Ω to 0.8Ω ohms to take advantage of your favorite salt-based nicotine starter. Suorin Air Plus charges the Micro USB-C for quick charging. Together with the convenient brushed activation ignition system and five LED light battery indicators, the Suorin AirPlus Pod Kit will give you an amazing atomizing experience.

Do you like their unique designs? Recommend the best place online vape shop to purchase the Vaporesso Aurora Play and Suorin Air Plus.

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