Is The New Vladdin RIO Disposable Pod Kit Deserve To Buy?

Today let’s take a look at Vladdin’s new Vladdin RIO Disposable Pod Kit. It is characterized by being able to fit in your pocket without taking up much space.

Vladdin said in the pod that they are using organic cotton wicks. This is one of my favorite things about Fradin. They use really high-quality materials. Rio’s internal battery is a 460mAh battery. You can’t charge for this, but it’s important to have a large enough battery here to ensure that the Rio can be atomized until the ink cartridge runs out.

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The Vladdin RIO vape disposable pod is available in four flavors and contains only 5% nicotine. So these are 50mg salt nicotine devices. If you are unfamiliar with salt nicotine, it basically allows you to evaporate very high nicotine without tingling your throat. Many people are satisfied with this, especially those who need more nicotine.

The airflow is tight. It’s not very tight, but it’s not something you can breathe into-even restricted breathing. So if you like tight draws (this is what you want to get from such devices anyway), then you will like the draws here.

Vladdin RIO has all four flavors. I like all of them. I also like the strong flavor. I’m not saying they are overwhelming in any way, but they taste great.

Vladdin RIO’s design is different from Puff Bar Disposable Pod Device. It is similar in design to other pod devices, but it is also very comfortable to carry around.

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Now you can buy it on Vapesourcing vape shop online fast shipping for less than $14, so I think this is a good product.

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