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Vapefly Pixie RDA VS Advken Notch RDA, Which Vape RDA You Will Choose?

Today let me show you two vape tanks and hope it may help you to how to choose. Vapefly has released a new RDA- Vapefly Pixie RDA. The compact RDA has five color options. Also, the body comes with a radiator of a similar material, designed to provide good thermal insulation. The side air slot was provided with interchangeable inserts with various apertures. The name of the model was engraved on the wall of the base.

cheap Vapefly Pixie RDA

Vapefly Pixie RDA Parameters:
  • Height – 24 mm
  • Diameter – 22mm
  • One Coil
  • Adjustable side airflow
  • Compatibility with squonk mods

Advken has released the Advken Notch RDA. This RDA works with a pair of original “Notchkools”. On September 16, the company Advken has presented it in the Instagram. Notch Coil was realized in black and steel colors. At the base of it, a pair of blowing holes were there. In the walls of the base, two groups of three air slots were likewise arranged. The decoration engraved the name of the Notch Coil’s model.

cheap Advken Notch RDA

Advken Notch RDA Parameters:
  • Height – 32 mm
  • Diameter – 24 mm
  • Two Notchkools
  • Bottom and side blowing
  • Compatibility with squonk mods

If there is a choice want me to choose, I will try both. Because the two RDAs are not very expensive and easier to use. Where to buy it? You can go to our vape online site to find it! And hope the Vapefly Pixie and Advken Notch will bring you a new vaping!

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