Vladdin Eden Kit Review: Continued The Advantages Of Vladdin RE

After the Vladdin RE kit, the Vladdin brand brought us another pod kit, the Vladdin Eden, which has an extra-large size.

Frankly, due to the portable size, I prefer to use the pod system kit. But I am tired of seeing more and more ordinary new pod kits on the market. No major changes, no improvement. More and more manufacturers are simply replacing their old pod kits with another shape without any new concepts and then bringing their new pod kits to market. There is always a lack of innovation.

Vladdin Eden review

Ok, let’s take a look at the Vladdin Eden. Maybe there are some surprises are waiting for us!

The shape of this kit is very cute. Perhaps inspired by the shape of the capsule. In fact, I don’t remember how many pod system kits with removable caps are on the market. But the last one I saw was the Aspire Breeze series. This may make vaping more complicated because you have to remove the hat before vape. But to some extent, if you usually put it on a table or put it in your pocket, it can prevent dust. To be honest, since the pod box is identical to the first generation, the Eden battery module is the only part worth mentioning.

On the other hand, the overall size is ultra-compact. Although its style is completely different from Vladdin RE, they are all hand-friendly in size. The battery capacity is exactly the same as Vladdin RE. Same Micro-USB charging port, same charging standard. Ok, you can think of it as a Vladdin battery module with a new look.

The Vladdin RE is a draw activated open pod system that features 1.5ml refillable pods.

Vladdin RE looks almost identical to Vladdin. It also has a metal frame but the surface is completely different. RE has a very good feeling, with a bronze texture and wrinkle finish. Just like Vladdin. RE also has a 350mAh battery like Vladdin that allows you to pass a complete pod before it dies. As with Vladdin, steam production has also begun to decrease at the midpoint.

Vladdin RE review

Vladdin RE is a huge improvement, I am trying to close the pod is leaking. They barely leaked. There was a time when I pulled Vladdin, a pod soaked in juice, and I didn’t get it with RE pods. They have very few leaks, just like I expect any pod system.

If you are looking for a refinable, stylish, and delicious refillable pod system, Vladdin pod kits may be the right for you.

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