VooPoo Argus GT review – who is suitable for retrofitting with dual battery mod

Hello, friends. Following the surprising success of Drag 157W box mod, the first vaping device, VooPoo strives to maintain its momentum. Their subsequent releases were not as good as people expected, but with the release of the original VooPoo Vinci, everything changed.

VOOPOO VINCI X Mod Pod review
VOOPOO VINCI X Mod Pod review

Since then, the Chinese manufacturer has been in the limelight, and it certainly looks like it has returned to that magical state. Let’s see if the company’s latest work, VooPoo Argus GT, can help make it run smoothly.

The brand new Argus GT box mod is definitely the highlight of the kit, and it is definitely one of the most beautiful modules produced by a Chinese manufacturer. For the dual battery module, its appearance is very smooth and compact, the manufacturing quality has met our expectations of VooPoo, and the design definitely gives people a high-end feel.

The Argus GT measures only 52mm x 86mm x 26mm, which is one of the smallest and most ergonomic Dual-18650 vape mods I have ever seen. How VooPoo is so compact is beyond my ability, but it is definitely an impressive feat and outstanding professional in a book of mine!

In terms of design, Argust GT is equally impressive. It has a very clean and sophisticated look, and certain elements (such as a premium leather case, a metal frame that holds it in place, and a bright color display) definitely give it the look and feel of an expensive high-end mod.

We first saw this high-quality leather used on the VooPoo Drag X and S pod mod. It is great to see the Chinese manufacturer use it again on other devices because it is indeed very good.

The Argus GT has a standard 510 connection, with gold-plated spring-loaded pins, and a protective plate fixed to the module itself by visible screws. It is suitable for atomizers with a diameter of up to 25mm with a little overhang, but anything beyond the range will appear awkward.

The battery cover at the bottom of the mod has a classic hinge design, and the inside of the battery cover has a clear polarity mark, and it is very easy to snap into place. It does look fragile, but it can be expected to use this compact device. However, I cannot say that it will be maintained for a long time.


The one thing I forgot to mention is painting. I initially thought these blemishes were smooth spots, but later I learned that it was by design. Frankly speaking, I don’t like it, but I can bear it because I like everything else in this mod very much.

The Argust GT box mod is paired with a rather unusual tank; it is basically a modular design, consisting of a 510 adapter and one of those plastic tanks we saw on the Vinci X and S pod modules. This is a novel and interesting attempt on the atomizer, but if it’s not what you want.

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